Greatest audience among documentaries in Brazilian movie theaters in 2017.

The Divine Divas are iconic performers of the first generation of Brazilian transvestite artists in the 1960s. One of the first venues that gave shelter to men dressed as women was Rival Theatre, directed by Américo Leal, the grandfather of the film director. The film brings to the scene the intimacy, talent and stories of a generation that revolutionized sexual behavior and challenged the moral of a country.

  • Commercially distributed in the USA and Japan, in 46 cinemas.
  • Selected for São Paulo Filmmaker´s Workshop 2013 by Tribeca Film Institute.
  • International Premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2017
  • Hot Docs 2017 Official Selection
  • Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2017
  • 7º Aruanda Festival 2016
  • 20ª Mostra de Cinema Tiradentes
  • 24º Festival Mix Brasil


  • Best Film - Audience Award - SXSW Film Festival 2017
  • Best Documentary Film - Audience Award - Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2016
  • Felix Award for Best Movie - Rio de Janeiro Film Festival 2016
  • Best Director - Aruanda Festival 2016
  • Best Film - Audience Award - Aruanda Festival 2016
  • Best Documentary - FIESP / SESI Cinema and TV Award 2018
  • Best Script for Feature Documentary - II ABRA Award
  • Best Documentary and Best Editing - The Brazilian Film Academy Award 2018

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