Ella (Isabél Zuaa) decides to follow her master Jorge Itapuã on a long journey to meet and document the Capoeira movement abroad. Together they cross Europe and visit places such as Israel, India, USA, Japan and Indonesia. While Itapuã performs, Ella shoots every step of this adventure with her camera. However, being in contact with different cultures awakens Ella’s desire of becoming a Capoeira master herself. As Ella embraces the idea of not being behind the camera anymore, her relationship with her master goes through an intense transformation.

  • World premiere at Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cinema Latino Americano La Habana 2016
  • 11º Beldocs - Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival 2017
  • 25º San Diego Latino Film Festival
  • 40ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo 2016
  • 40º Guarnicê Festival de Cinema
  • Festival Maranhão na Tela 2017

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